A gravel bay down the road to Finiki, some small houses, grazing sheep: this is Adia, an outer hamlet of the village Piles.

It's main attraction is the Pinetree Restaurant, which attracts people mostly from Lefkos and the southern villages.
Huge pine trees spending shades, barrels of wine, a hammock rocking in the wind, some tables and chairs with a marvellous sight to the bay - the right place to let one's soul swing.

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It was about 1980,when I returned to my home, the island of Karpathos.
I have worked in many big cities all over the world, crowded with people and having a lot of airpollution.
I allways loved so much the nature,the mountains and the sea. Therefore I bought this piece of in Karpathos-Adia.

When I started to work,the place looked like a jungle.It was not easy to stay there without having water,electricity and people around,only the stars in the sky and the waves of the sea.
After some years of hard work I felt lonely and I decided to build a restaurant,to attract people and espeially friends to come here and enjoy with me this place and the silence around.
It took some time,but finally I finished the restaurant and 6 guest rooms.

This place is now unique,more beautiful than any other place of the world i have ever seen.Looking at the sea,the sunset and the stars at night,I thank God for the fantastic nature he gave me

I hope you enjoy your stay here and would be glad to welcome you again

Nikos Papanikolaou.
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